Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Inevitable Me.

Welcome to my blog. This is where I will share and voice out any fashion news and what happen in fashion world. As a first post, I'm going to reveal on why my blog is using such a complicatedly-hard-to-remember blog address, tirvichmvel.blogspot.com

Yes, I know what is wandering on your mind right now.

"Where do you get this such name?"

"Why are you using this complicated wording?"

"Don't you have any other good word to give?"

You might ask those questions, but you will not get the answers easily if I refuse to tell right. As to make this thing clear, I'm kindly updating this blog with this very first post. This is to introduce you my blog, where I'll put my ideas, opinion, comment, and information about fashion world.

Okay, back to our old intention on why I'm writing tonight that is to reveal why this name chosen. Okay let see at every capital that I put in every single space.


do you get any idea on why do I choose this? I bet some of you might know as you already have seen it on my twitter account. Yes, I do use a same name. Actually, I use my own name for the blog address. My name is Tira Ichmael. I substitute the alphabet 'a' with 'v' which make it more unique. I love to make it different and complicated to pronounce. Yeah, my real name should be Tyra Ismail. Why do I change it? The main reason is to have a new brand of me. I change the alphabet 'y' to 'i' as to show people that's how my name is pronounced. While I put the name 'Ichmael' instead of 'Ismail' just to make it sound classy. Ichmael is a spelling for Ismail in English. So, it's an English version of it. Yay!

How about the name put at the header?

"The Fashion Whisperer"

This is because I'm fully loaded with a passion of fashion thingy. I'm going to share a lot of things that related to fashion in this blog. The thing that I want to bold here is that I will talk more about Zang Toi. I wish that you know him. If you don't have any idea on who is this person which having a weird name, you really have to wait for the next post. Okay, regarding to the name given that is "The Fashion Whisperer", why? The reason is as simple as me and as easy as ABC. I'm nobody, so I'm only can whisper. That's what I afford to do. I'm having no qualification, I mean an official qualification to talk about this thing since I'm a student. So, I'll give the opinion, comment, and etcetera just on what I think it's okay.

The blue color is chosen as to make the reader to keep calm and relax. This color represents forget-me-not flower. Forget-me-not is a very small blue flower with pointed leaves, so I wish my blog will make your day.

bye-bye for now
Tira Ichmael.

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